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So I kept thinking to myself what’s the best way to describe me and well why not just answer some simple questions to get peoples attention! So whom ever is reading this and is actually looking for a talented programmer, well… read no more! You can hire me straight away!

What is my goal? clipboard-data

My goal in life is to become the greatest programmer of all times, I just love coding and seeing the results come to life. I’m good at solving problems in a creative and professional manner and implementing it’s solution. My focus is to be an iOS Engineer.

What makes me happy? emoji-laughing

Eating pizza or burger, having a good time with my friends, having the feeling of satisfaction when I get to finish a big project, enjoying the morning sun on my skin, making cool projects, playing video games, working out in the gym, learning new interesting things about the world, cooking delicious food and playing with my pet dog.

What are my skills? lightbulb

  • Problem solving.
  • Creativity.
  • Hard working.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Empathy.
  • Team work.
  • Efficient communication.

Do I utilize those talents? pencil

Yes, everyday and all the time in my life. An example would be making my site you are currently at, I’ve had no prior knowledge of how to make to make a blog site, but I got motivated into making one, so I researched how to make one and made it by myself. The site it self is hosted in Github, I just pay for the domain name. If you asked me how I made it, credits goes to this framework: jekyll. Why not use WordPress? Well I didn’t like WordPress that much. Why? If you are a developer and want to make/modify your websites template you are going to have a harder time figuring out how to make things rather than actually focusing on your site.

What is my favorite award? award

One of my favorite accomplishment was to participate in the Swift Student Challenge - WWDC22, where I got to develop an interactive app to be able to impress the judges at Apple and I got to be chosen as one of winners. Considering the challenge is world wide and only 300 people get to be chosen, I was so happy, jumping up and down out of joy, I also felt a sense of satisfaction to be have been chosen by Apple for something that was made entirely by me. You can see a video of the app that I made here: How are Bézier curves made? A WWD22 Interactive scene. Or you can see the source code here: HowAreBezierCurvesMadeStudentChallenge

Reason to hire me in your project file-earmark-person

I will make your life easier! I am a hard working person that will choose the smartest way to solve a problem, or sometimes what ever it takes to make it possible and get it done.

More about me? emoji-smile

I’m currently a computer science student in Universidade Católica de Brasília (ucb) in Brazil. My mother tongue is Portuguese but I also speak fluent English and Spanish.